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UNESCO-HP Brain Gain Initiative Projects

Makerere University School of Computing and Informatics and‚  Technology‚  is currently implementing‚  an HP-UNESCO‚  funded project‚  entitled Towards Fostering Localized Innovative ICT Solutions under its Brain Gain Initiative.  Some specific goals of the project include:

  • Fostering ICT innovations that address local problems
  • Facilitating existing staff in Uganda in executing relevant ICT research
  • Enhancing partnerships with local institutions

This project provide two Powerful Enterprise Servers and Workstations which are suitable for scientific applications and applications that have high memory requirements. Under the project, the School will establish collaborations with partner universities on the same project to create  a grid computing environment. An agreement between the Meraka Institute/SaGrid and the Brain Gain Initiative, has already been reached to offer for broad technical support to all participants of the project.

Under this project implementation, we called for project proposals  that focus on exploiting ICT in  addressing local needs  Four innovative projects received funding of up to 1000$ each. The selected projects that were selected for funding are mentioned below;

{jd_file file==21}

1. SoS Mobile Service
- To generate a database of a mobile telephone contacts of service providers
- Develop an application which will use data at mobile phone masts and locate service providers who are closest to the querying phone and provide the contacts to the querying phone.
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{jd_file file==22}

2. Monitoring HIV/AIDS patients on ARVs using mobile phone  in Uganda

To develop a mobile phone based system for monitoring HIV/AIDs patients on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ARVs)
Specific objectives:

  • To collect user needs for a  mobile phone based system for monitoring patients on ARVs
  • To design a  mobile phone based system for monitoring patients on ARVs
  • To implement a mobile phone based system for monitoring patients on ARVs
  • To test and validate the system.
Download Report {jd_file file==23}

3. Translation of VLC into  Rukiga:

The main objective of this project is to provide an opportunity for the Rukiga speaking communities in Uganda to be entertained by a media player that is configured in a language they are most familiar with that is their local language. Specifically, the project would like to:
a) Translate

  • VLC into the local language of Rukiga;
  • All related documentation about the applications above like templates, help guides, tutorials, FAQs user guide manuals, e.t.c.

b) Culturally localize the user interface content to better reflect into African notions the original western material. This will foster better understanding of technology and create a sense of ownership and pride by African people.

Download Report {jd_file file==24}

4. Going Open
The objective of this project is to create affordable computer access to students while Improving student learning opportunities with freely drastically and  available software
Specifically, we propose to implement a novel terminal desktop solution to support over 1800 terminals by adapting Sun Ray Server Software (SRSS), which has only been supported on Commercial/ Enterprise versions on UNIX based Operating systems (OS), to support open source Linux.

Download Report {jd_file file==25}

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